Monday, April 9, 2007

10 Podcasts for teachers and kids

Instructor Magazine published by Scholastic Inc. just published a great classroom resource called "10 Podcasts for Teachers and Kids." They are:
1. Wild animal Chronicles
6 minute videos about animals
2. Radio WillowWeb
10 minute audio podcasts produced by third graders "Did You Know?", "Vocabulary Theater",
3.Children's Fun Storyime (on iTunes)
Audio of favorite stories like The Little Engine That Could
4. Poem of the Day
Audio recordings of many famous poets including Langston Hughes and Emily Dickinson.
5. Sixty-Second Science
Brought to you by the editors of Scientific American. Includes new theories on haw some dinosaurs knew how to fly, and whether groundhogs can really predict the weather.
6. My German Class
Weekly video podcast produced by a former elementary school teacher.
7. The Science show for Kids (On iTunes)
five-minute audio podcasts that answers kids burning questions like Are there really aliens?
8. ESL Teacher Talk
Classroom activitiyideas.
9. The Teacher's Lounge
For Middle School Teachers
10. Do Your Own Podcast
How to do podcasts with kids.
All of these sites are available on iTunes also.

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